Corporate law and company creation

 Corporate / company law and company creation

My law firm will be happy to advise you on questions concerning the establishment of a company entity. This is not just about the fulfillment of formal requirements of the foundation of a company.

The right legal entity

It is important to choose the right legal entity for your company in order to create an optimal framework for working with your customers, business partners and employees.

Establishment of company memorandum and incorporation agreement

Questions about the company memorandum and incorporation agreement and its content, about the contractual demarcation from the competitor, the drafting of terms and conditions in the company itself and with other companies and entrepreneurs, or the termination of company functions can be discussed with me.

Disputes in the company

Are there intra-company disputes that affect the company’s business, does the originally signed company agreement need to be modified in order to meet current circumstances?

My law firm will gladly advise and represent you.

Business Succession

Sooner or later, an entrepreneur is confronted with the question of who should take over the operations and how to arrange the transfer of the company.

On the one hand, the appropriate successor needs to be found and, in addition to the economic effects of the handing over of business, legal framework conditions must also be observed.

Potentially, inheritance and family law aspects must also be taken into account, such as, for example, liability provisions arising from employment law, tax law, company law, social insurance law, etc.

Tax problems and company succession

Naturally – as with any transfer of assets – tax and taxation issues are also to be resolved, which need a timely examination. In order to enable a tax-optimizing procedure, it is necessary to pay due regard to this both in the choice of the legal entity as well as in the drafting of the contract.

On the one hand, for the transfer of the company, the company itself should be kept as unaffected as possible by the change of ownership in its economic structure and its market opportunities. On the other hand, it must seek a balance between the possibly conflicting interests of the surrendering entrepreneur and the successor.

For family members who are entitled to inheritance and succession, a fair settlement should be found in the course of which, for the successor, economic conditions are created which enable the company to carry on the operations without undue burden by the transfer of the company.

To make these planning activities at the right time also requires comprehensive legal examination, compilation of a contract concept tailored to the economic, tax and legal framework as well as its implementation under appropriate legal supervision.