Sollicitor for divorce law

Specialist sollicitor in divorce law

If the disagreements in a marriage are insurmountable, “going to court” is usually unavoidable. As a specialist attorney for divorce law, I will gladly advise and represent you.

A divorce is not only emotionally painful, it can endanger your economic existence and that of your children. Timely preventative measures – before and during marriage, possibly through appropriate agreements in cooperation with an experienced lawyer – and timely advice before and during the divorce save you and your children not only from mental stress and years of conflict, but also from financial losses.

Drafting of pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements

I can advise you on issues regarding the establishment of a marriage contract/marriage pact or in the divorce proceedings. Issues relating to the spouse’s maintenance payments are discussed and examined, so that possible related social insurance consequences such as health insurance and pension rights achieve legally enforceable status even after divorce. This applies in particular to property and social insurance claims. The aim is to secure the right and equitable balance of assets for you.