Sollicitor in probate and inheritance law

Specialist in probate and inheritance law

You would like information about the regulation of an estate and have questions about inheritance law? For example, how the legal succession is regulated, or which formal rules must be observed for a valid will?

You want to know who has a right of inheritance and the meaning of this right, or how a divorce affects the will?

Drafting of a legally valid will

You want to draft a legally valid will and have questions about the formal rules and the question of who actually has a right of inheritance and what that is?

If you are worried about these questions or what rights “care-giving relatives” have, or when a compulsory heirship portion must be paid, or under what conditions a person with a compulsory heirship portion can be disinherited. In order to ensure that your “last will” is really fulfilled, I will be happy to advise you.