Specialist sollicitor in medical law

Specialist sollicitor in medical law

My law firm has been dealing with medical law for years. On the one hand, I represent and advise patients in relation to their issues. On the other hand, I offer advice to doctors, hospitals and other health care institutions.

I have an accredited additional qualification in the field of medical law, and I have completed a postgraduate degree course at the University of Linz with a practical outlook, in cooperation with the Medical Association of Upper Austria.

I have a great deal of experience in this field, the necessary expertise and the necessary intuition.

I am happy to advise you and in consultation with you, draft

  •     Coordination contract
  •     service contracts
  •     rental contract
  •     company contract
  •     Living wills

If your claim is heard before an arbitration body or in court, it is usually about the following:

  •     Consultation and representation of doctors in the defence of civil claims
  •     Enforcement of claims for clinical negligence/treatment errors
  •     Checks as to whether the medical informed consent has been violated
  •     Check as to whether the statutory documentation requirements have been fulfilled
  •     Representation of doctors in criminal proceedings or arbitration proceedings